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Рецензии на альбомы One Life Ago & Decomposition Deluxe


(Worldlessness Records) Reviewed 12th February 2011

I would love to go into a record store and say to the attractive young lady behind the counter, 'I want LUST!!'. It would be rather funny, after the bruises had gone down. Formed in 2004 by mastermind and guitarist Yan 'Obsessed With Lust' Dissector, they released three albums between 2004 and 2006. Now these Russians are back after a four year hiatus with two albums, 'One Life Ago' contains a collection of old and new songs paving the way for the brand new release 'Decomposition Deluxe'. They are fronted by the lovely Mirla who was only 16 when she first sang with the band, with Yan cropping up here and there to accompany her angelic nonchalant voice with his deep half growled/half sung/half spoken (I could never add up) vocals, buried deep in the mix, so nothing for anti growlers to worry about, and the Russians do it better than anyone. One Life Ago sounds a lot better than a mere clear out of the cupboard and serves as an excellent introduction to the band and their brand of gothic metal. Culled mainly from their earliest days, it has three new previously unreleased numbers including a rocked up version of Sade's 'Smooth Operator', songs from their first demo, bonus tracks, and rarities. I particularly like the title track 'One Life Ago', 'It's A Freedom' and the electro pop version of 'Days of Black'. Decomposition Deluxe is packed with Sirenia/Delain/Satyrian style awesome up-tempo catchy powerful groovers that really motor along. Highlights include 'It's', 'Nebula' and 'Wrong Directions', and the last track 'Between Two Worlds' is a Al Stewart style instrumental. It all comes with deluxe production (perhaps Mirla could have done with a touch more volume), and a special mention for the dead good drumming by guest drummer Grave (try saying that after a few vodkas, I can't say it sober!), who plays with Yan's other band, Dissector. It these days of digital download the record cover is facing extinction so it is a real pleasure to have superb artwork by their regular designer Pablo The Elephant gracing the album, it is such an important part of the experience. Mirla doesn't like the rather risqué pictures, so they don't tell her! Two top quality albums that all discerning gothic metal fans will be lusting after, available from their shop at The Lust Shop, and their Facebook is here, a lusty 8/10 for 'One Life Ago' and a deluxe 8.75/10 for 'Decomposition Deluxe' (Phil)

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