понедельник, 13 января 2014 г.

Big sale!!!

Hello! We have big sale in our webshop on bandcamp.com - http://thelust.bandcamp.com Good opportunity to get lots of bonus-tracks together with regular albums in good quality! Check it!

About new songs...Hard to tell at the moment. Yan has done last year many things for other projects Dissector (big album, not finished yet) and Tartharia (several big digital albums + one CD-release and good contract and two vinyls on the way). For THE LUST we have some fresh stuff for new female-singer but can't say when those songs will be finished. There are also some unreleased stuff (one unreleased song, demos and different versions). Hope we will publish it sometime.

Anyway, Happy New Year and lots of cool music and things wish you all active members of THE LUST!!!

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