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Interview with Shawn Mizzi

Please find below an interview with Shawn Mizzi, great guitarist from Maltese band Angelcrypt. Shawn was involved in the recording process of the new album by The Lust "Black Dahlia Poem" and has recorded solo in track "Haunting". Shawn has also already recorded some solo-tracks for the new material by Dissector. Please, welcome!


1. Hey, Shawn! To begin, introduce yourself to your potential audience in Russia.

Hello, fellow metalheads from the other side of the world! I am Shawn Mizzi, founder and guitarist of Melodic Death Metal Band Angelcrypt and organiser of the Shellshock Metal Fest. I am 35, married and have a beautiful 3 year old daughter. I dedicated my life to metal and have been playing guitar from the age of 13. I live in Malta, Europe, a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea where we have 300 days of sunshine. So very hot compared to Russia :)

2. As far as I know you are the organizer of many metal festivals in Malta. Tell us a little about this aspect of your business.

I am involved a lot in the local metal scene and I am always part somehow in any major metal event taking place here. I love the local scene as we are few but we are dedicated and passionate to what we do and believe. My full commitment but, as mentioned earlier, goes to my festival: The Shellshock Metal Fest. It is one of the biggest on the island and consists of 15 top local bands playing all in one day in one colossal event. It takes place once every 2 years. Also it includes various activities such as this year I had the Malta Comic Con going on in the festival which was a total success. Occasionaly I also include foreign bands.

3. Your band Angelcrypt ties more and more to Russia, so to speak. First, you participated in the recording of the song for the new album of Russian band The Lust "Black Dahlia Poem", then Russian designer Pavel Antonov has created great art for your new album "We Are The Dead". In addition, leaked information that you have already recorded a couple of solo for future release of Russian metal band Dissector, which will celebrate in 2017 the 25th anniversary. Comment on this good tradition, please!

Yes it's all true. Me as a guitarist as well as my band Angelcrypt are building a stronger relationship each day with Russia. I had the honour to be part of The Lust's latest album and as well recorded some solo tracks for the upcoming album of the mighty Dissector! Regarding Pavel's artwork for our album: We are so happy with it! It is the best artwork we ever had and absolutely we will work with him again. Such a talented artist! We hope that one day we will have the opportunity to organise a tour in Russia, that would be so awesome.

4. By the way, how do you find the new material by Dissector?

"Planetary Cancer" is a masterpiece. I listen to it a lot as it is really my style of music. Aggressive, yet melodic. With lots of thrash elements and harmonies. Just as I like it. Dissector rules \m/

5. So, you recorded a solo in the song "Haunting" on the new album goth-metal group The Lust "Black Dahlia Poem". It was a spontaneous work, or you needed much time to prepare?

To write a solo, I have to be in the mood. I cannot just sit on my studio desk and begin. I have to feel it. Also I am a really busy man, so it is hard to find time which I am also in the good mood to feel a solo. So what happens is when I have time I sit down and record a couple of tracks which then I don't like and delete, and when a melody comes to my mind and feel it is good for the solo, I will not have time to go and record. But eventually, time I will find, the mood comes, planets align and the solo is composed :)

6. Have you already formed an opinion about the new work by The Lust?

I am most familiar with the track I recorded and I like it a lot. I already had a sneak peak of the other tracks and from what I heard they are amazing. Lots of atmosphere and the work with the keyboards impressed me.

7. Name three of the coolest things in Malta! Why do people have to go there?

* The weather. It is almost summer all year long. It is an island surrounded by beautiful beaches. If you love hot sunny days with cocktails by the sea, this is the place :)

* History. From the kinghts of St. John, templars, and beautiful medieaval architecture, there is a lot to see. In fact it is a popular place that major movies are choosing to film in. To name a few which I like: Assasin's Creed, Troy, Gladiator & World War Z.

* Welcoming and great hospitality. We Maltese are known for our hospitality. Even when we brought foreign bands to play here, they all told us the same thing, that they felt very welcomed here.

8. Do Maltese metalheads have any distinguishing features? How active is the Maltese audience at the rock-concerts?

The whole active metalhead community in Malta consists of about 500 people. It might sound very few but considering that Malta is inhabited by only 400,000 people, this is not bad. In major festivals, the majority will attend, but in small 2 band gigs, there might be few. What is good is that who will attend are the most passionate and the gig will be good.

9. What is the most insane thing you have done in your life!

I am a fairly quiet, shy and introverse man, except from when I'm on stage . So not so many things insane. Maybe when we were teenagers at the beginning of Angelcrypt 20 years ago, we did some crazy things. You're young and don't care about consequences, he-he. But also, I was the quite guy, who watched not acted .

10. Would you advise your child to make music?

My daughter is 3 years old and she has a whole guitar collection waiting for her. As soon as I figure out if she is right or left handed, she will have to learn an instrument. It is inevitable We are a musical family as my wife also sings, so music is in my daughter's blood and hopefully she will learn to appreciate music as much as I do. It is the best thing that a child can learn.

11. Thanks for the interview and we are waiting for new collaboration from your side!

Thanks a lot to you and your interest in me and my band. I really look forward to future projects and hopefully one day we'll come and say hello in Russia :). Metal forever my friends!

Shawn \m/

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