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"Black Dahlia Poem": official digital release

The Lust – Black Dahlia Poem (2017)

Amazon - goo.gl/9ci1op

Google Play - https://vk.cc/6kJ8Gz

iTunes - https://vk.cc/6kJ99M

Spotify - https://vk.cc/6kJaAu

Bandcamp - https://vk.cc/6kJfZM

This album is also available on other services. You can buy „Black Dahlia Poem“ on CD – just send us an e-mail to blackdahliapoem@gmail.com or visit our Bandcamp page - https://vk.cc/6kJfZM.

This conceptual album is dedicated to life and death of Elisabeth Short, better known as „Black Dahlia“. Some prominent guest musicians are also to hear on this album: Marcos Rodriguez (Rage), Shawn Mizzi (Angelcrypt), Mike Bry (Yorblind), Igor Arbuzov (Blazing Rust), Andrey Glukhov & Oleg Aleshin (Dissector), Simone Sut (Overunit Machine), Theodor Borovski (Second To Sun), Lorelei Ether (Lebenslust 404), Alexander Kargaev (Decadence Dust).

Artwork by Pablo Antonov (ART s KILL)

Mixing and mastering: Christian Schmid (Music-Factory Studios, www.muisc-factory.biz).

We thank all our followers, fans and friends for support!

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